"Punam's film YOUNG MASTERS shows us real masters in the making--young, passionate and talented trades people who will make a difference.  This film will inspire many students, parents and teachers." MIKE HOLMES

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ALL OF LIFE BEGINS WITH A CREATIVE SPARK. Will my recent ideas ignite into reality?

7)Perform/dance at the Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai.

6)The sound of the Bansuri (Indian flute) does something to me. Find teacher & learn.

5)Make baby Jodh laugh hysterically every single day.

4)Mentorship program for 1st-time curators at Emmedia--apply.

3)Explore presentation opportunity at WorldSkills 2011..in London ;-)

2)Get new headshot based on a vision a director once shared with me, "I can see you with a baby attached to your back, and film camera to your front." - DONE! 08/08/11

1)5Q interview with Amitabh Bachchan for blog. Have you read HIS expressive blog?? 



rejection central

You're an artist. You (I mean your ideas) will get rejected. But on Valentine's Day?

When I get one of 'those' letters (the ones that go, "Thank you for your application, blah, blah, but..."), which I got today, I like to gather up all my girlfriends and head to Rejection Central. That seedy, shady place where everyone knows your name, the smoke still lingers in the seats (long after smoking laws have changed) and the beer tastes like....beer.

Just stepping into a place like this, and being greeted by a few familiar and loving faces, takes the edge off. I might even break a smile. 

It gets me out of my head, stops me from asking WHY, and reminds me that all is well, and that my time will come. How about you - what's your coping strategy for rejection?



Namaste : Welcome to PunamArts

'Punam' is the name given to me by my vivacious parents from India, and the name means 'the night when the moon is at its fullest' (in Yiddish, the name means 'adorable', ahem). Born into an immigrant family meant that, along with the delicious home cooking and crazy family weddings, I also quickly and deftly learned how to find a good bargain. This skill has served me well as a filmmaker because I am always striving to create something meaningful on a limited budget. I hope my experiences will give you some ideas on how to access resources and free stuff, and to find funding to make your own dreams come true. Check out my blog posts and the "BIZ/BuZZ" section of the site for a growing list of ideas. My twitter feed also has loads of goodies.

'Arts', the second part of the equation, is more obvious. I want to share my artistic process (my fears), where I find my inspiration, and what it means for me to follow my inner voice. In posts called "THE 5Q INTERVIEW", there are simple interviews with artists and creative professionals, illuminating their journey and wisdom. There will also be posts about arts marketing and fundraising strategies - on a shoestring, of course.

So here's to saving money and finding money, all for the love of making art! P.S. Being a new mom, I will be walking a fine balancing act with my time, so please stay with me as I grow this site.